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Study Abroad in London


Lowering Travel Costs

Flight budgeted at $1180.  To lower the price:

  • Use frequent flyer miles
  • Fly out of Chicago (take the SuperBus)
  • Fly into other European cities

May 23 - June 6, 2013

2 Credits

20 Students Accepted

Instructor: Janna LaFountaine                            Office: HCC 22B

Phone: 320-363-5567                             Email:

Intercultural and Experiential Learning Common Curriculum designations.

Approximate Cost: $4700-4900 Includes airfare, housing, on-site transportation and costs for excursions.  Tuition IS included as well. Only meals are not included.

Down Payment: $300 due two weeks after accepted to program.

Applications can be submitted beginning October 22, 2012. 

Final application deadline: January 17 (However, rolling approval begins October 29)

Course description:  This course will examine the cultural implications of how sport in England affects society.  Students will understand that sport serves as a cultural lens that reflects and defines cultural beliefs and values.  Historical, political and economic views will be studied along with fandom and the British youth sport models.  The role women play in English sport history and current sport culture will also be reviewed and compared to U.S. examples.

Course objectives:

  1. Students will be able to define some of the differences between US and British sport culture.
  2. Students will analyze the impact of British sport history on current behavior and attitudes.
  3. Students will be able to articulate that culture is shaped by more than race or ethnicity, but gender, class, personal experience and other forces also play a significant part.
  4. Students will connect course content with experiential learning.

Possible Excursions:

2012 Olympic Village

Chelsea Stadium & Museum

Cricket match (Brit Oval)

Football matches

Wimbledon-museum & guided tour

Polo Match

Professional Tennis Tournament

Student Quotes:

"Two weeks in London jam-packed with culture, history, and sport! What more can you ask for?" Taylor Onion (London 2012)

"I had such a fun experience getting to learn about history, sport, and culture while also experiencing the best city in the world--LONDON! The whole time was filled with fun activities and I had an amazing time getting to be in the city. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is considering it!"

"The bustling yet cheerful streets of London are a place where no man or woman can escape the marvels of such a prominent and historic city."

"The London Culture, History and Sport study abroad trip was a once in a life time experience.  This course allowed me to experience the massive impact that sports have on a society and to explore some of the world's most historical sport sites.  I would recommend the London Culture, History and Sport trip to anyone who is looking for an exciting and meaningful experience abroad!"

Olympic Time Clock

Trafalgar Square

Big Ben

Big Ben

London Group 2011

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